Mary Stretton - Friday 16th September at 10.30am

Welcome to our live streaming page.

Just a couple of important points to read through before we start.

  • There’s a handy test video page (click link to open in a new tab) where you can check the internet connection at your end, as well as any video/audio settings beforehand. If you can play and hear this video then you should be able to play and hear the livestream when it happens. Please note the video on the *link above* is a permanent video not a streamed one, so there’s no password required, the password you have been given will not be active for the *actual stream below* until around 10min before the service is due to start.
  • Please note that any interrupted or unreliable feed may be due to a lack of 4G signal in the area from where the event is being streamed, this is something that is unfortunately outside of our control however we always do our very best to get the most reliable feed to you as possible.
  • All of our videos are uploaded afterwards regardless of any signal issues so if the below stream is blank or if you’ve missed the start, don’t despair, simply check this link later.  A draft is usually online within 24hrs of the service and the full video normally within 2-4 weeks.
  • If you’re struggling, check our backup link or direct feed just in case.
  • Coverage usually starts around 5 minutes before the start time but may be delayed slightly.
  • If you encounter any problems with the stream please get in touch with US in the first instance rather than the funeral director, as we’ll be better placed to help you at that time – our number is 0116 444 3553
  • Finally, if you’d like to leave a message for the family or be notified when the finalised video is ready for viewing then use our family message form (opens in a new tab).

The video below is red in our workflow indicating that it’s our current live streaming output, find out more about our colour coding system.