Funeral Photography

Documenting a funeral day in stills is a great opportunity to create a lasting memento of a special day in your loved one’s journey. Coverage can include just the one or both of us if required, and can cover whatever time you require. Our photographs have an emphasis on the details along with some photos with people in, however our coverage is never intrusive and you’ll never have a camera ‘shoved in your face’ so to speak. One of the most common compliments we receive is about how well we simply blend in – most people don’t even notice us.

Photography is something Georgie and I have been carving a full time career from since 2003 and there’s very little we haven’t seen. As this is our full time job all of our equipment is of professional quality as you’d expect. Special lenses equipped to work in low light are used so you’ll never see a flash.

On the day you can expect us to turn up usually 45min before the service, with coverage usually lasting until around 15min after the end. This covers guests arriving, the arrival of the funeral procession from the hearse into the church/crematorium/graveside, the whole service along with detail photos of flowers and anything especially arranged. Edited photographs are then turned around in roughly two weeks with presentation being online in a password-protected gallery along with delivery of a custom USB containing the full resolution edited images.

There is no time limit on how long photos are stored online for, and all originals are backed up indefinitely too.