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Way back in 2003 I founded Angelic Photo photographing weddings, funerals and other family occasions along with corporate events.  I met Georgie in 2004 and soon after she added her photo skills to the business and we’ve never looked back.  One marriage, four children and a couple of pets further on, Georgie and I are still working as photographers and videographers full time.

2020 came around and due to the loss of all but a small handful of weddings we needed to find another use for the equipment that had been invested in over the previous 17 years.

Funeral Videos UK was founded as the result of a casual conversation with a friend of ours.  Arran at Anstey & District Independent Funeral Services asked Georgie if we’d ever considered live streaming events such as funerals and weddings.  Several weeks later, it was all official.

Having worked in the wedding, funeral and events industries for such a long time, both of us have a keen eye for detail as well as the personal skills you would come to expect from any funeral professional.  Discretion and sensitivity are high on the list for us, along with a friendly, personable attitude towards the work we undertake and the people with whom we work.



At the end of the day we’re ‘people’ people – so if you do have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to send us an email or pick up the phone for a chat on 0116 444 3553.  Our working hours are far from set in stone, as is the case with a lot of self employed people, so don’t be afraid to call at a time that would normally be considered ‘out of hours’ – leave a message in case it’s school run time and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.