Funeral Videos Colour Coding System

All of our videos are colour coded dependent on whereabouts they are in our workflow chain.  There are three easy to understand headers – red, orange, and green.

Red headers indicate the video below is currently being live streamed – there may be slight interruptions in the signal due to our 4G coverage, but this is the first video in the workflow chain.

Orange headers indicate that the video below is the actual live stream footage permanently hosted, so this is not a live video however it is a copy of the live video as it happened so it will be in low resolution, have rough cuts, possibly a long lead in time at the start and the audio won’t be of a finalised quality – this is a stepping stone in our workflow between the active live streaming video and the final finished product.

Green headers indicate that the video below is the finished article.  It can sometimes take a couple of days and even weeks for the video to reach this stage, sometimes we’re waiting on information from the funeral director, sometimes we’re waiting for the family to make a certain choice regarding music or photos but once the video has reached the green stage in our workflow you’re viewing the high resolution finished product.